Friday, March 12, 2010

"The Destruction of Brooklyn's Soul Day"

Yesterday Brooklyn either won or lost a battle. The Atlantic Yards Project finally broke ground with a ceremonious ribbon cutting amidst a storm of confetti and furious protestors sporting picket signs and satirical masks that might as well have been torches and pitchforks. Despite the alleged benefits of the Atlantic Yards Project, including jobs and subsidized housing, the war continues to rage over the extensive plans to build skyscrapers, apartments, and not to mention the stadium for the Nets in the middle of downtown Brooklyn. Angry Brooklynites even supposedly stooped to the military tactics of terrorism when the judge who approved the Atlantic Yards Project received an envelope of "suspicious white powder." So tell us, then, where do you stand--with the capitalist soul-crushing developers or the anthrax-wielding hearts and souls of Brooklyn?

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