Thursday, December 3, 2009

Art Opening at Bergen Street Comics

Bergen Street Comics is thrilled to present a solo exhibit of original works by Brooklyn-based artist Katie Sparaco. The store will host an opening reception for the artist on December 12th from 7pm to close.

The show will spotlight Sparaco’s recent abstract paintings, which use oil paints on large canvases, as well as smaller gouache paintings, a format that reflects Katie’s background and interest in illustration.

Katie’s formal education focused on classical art — drawing, sculpting and painting from the figure, which provided the foundation of how she works today. Her influences span a wide spectrum, from famed abstract expressionist artist Willem de Kooning to celebrated comic book artist Dave McKean.

“To me, the connection between comic book art and what is considered fine art is not so far fetched,” said Katie. “Perhaps it is my illustration background, but I feel that all art is about storytelling in one way or another. Bergen Street Comics is such a unique store, and exactly the kind of place to show that there should be no line between 'comics' and 'art'.”

“We’re especially pleased to present Katie Sparaco’s first ever opening,” said Amy Adams, co-owner of Bergen Street Comics. “We are so impressed with her skill as an artist and the beauty of her pieces; her paintings are striking, evocative and worthy of a larger audience. This event will allow us to introduce our regular customers to an exciting new artist from our neighborhood, while also encouraging people who love art, but who might not typically think to visit a comic book shop, the opportunity to discover comics.”

About the Artist:

Katie Sparaco grew up in Huntington, NY, and received a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in 2000. She moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 2006.

Katie’s work always begins with something real — actual objects, drawn overlapping in space. She has developed a personal iconography throughout her work, all of which represent specific experiences and people in her life.

View her work here!

About Bergen Street Comics:

Bergen Street Comics opened in March 2009. Bergen Street Comics has hosted a variety of events since opening in March of this year, including book signings, readings, workshops, release parties, and live music. This is their first fine art exhibit.

For more information about the event or to arrange interviews with Katie Sparaco or Tom & Amy Adams.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Holiday Craft Market at the Brooklyn Lyceum!

Oh, the holidays--the season of giving, family togetherness, and heart attack-inducing stress levels. Children are demanding toys more technologically advanced than my macbook, and wives are expecting diamonds to make up for last year's surprise paper shredder.

But have no fear! The Brooklyn Lyceum has the solution to all your gift-giving dilemmas. So sit back and procrastinate, because on December 19-20 you can head on over to the Holiday Craft Market and find gifts that are truly sui-generis, from the bottom of your heart and the heart of Brooklyn, too.

From 11 a.m.-7 p.m., you can browse the stands of 60+ local crafty vendors until you've stocked up on stocking stuffers and presents for the whole of your extended family. Admission is free, so you'll have even more cash to spend on the people you love, or maybe a little extra to buy yourself one of Mogador's falafels.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

[Sh]it's going down!

Looking for Free Drinks?
Hot Singles?
Cheesy Holiday Pictures?
A Free Massage?
(just say yes, trust me.)

The BK Holiday Meatup has arrived. Yes, you heard that right. And the theme? Naughty Office Party. Why not spruce up the holiday season with one night of drunken mingling?

The event is at The Bell House December 9th, and tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Comedy will be provided by Sara Schaefer, free scotch and soda will be provided for an hour, and the Asiadog truck will be parked outside.

So bring your scratchiest Christmas sweater, your fellow single South-Brooklyners, and get ready for a night that will most likely end in regret.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Buy Brooklyn! Support the 3rd Annual Snowflake Celebration!

I wanted to bring a wonderful, "this-is-why-we-love-local" event to your attention.

Check out the web site, Buy in Brooklyn to get the skinny on the Third Annual Snowflake Celebration, taking place on December 3rd and 10th in Park Slope.

The loooong list of participating businesses will be offering deals, raffles, extended hours, free elves, and pet reindeer (disclaimer, I made those last two up,) for your holiday-shopping pleasure.

So please avoid channeling this guy, and remember to support Brooklyn's local businesses on the 3rd and the 10th!

Some Slope [Mis]haps

We would like to send out a message of solidarity to the people of Park Slope. It's been a rough Thanksgiving weekend for our fellow Slopers and it seems some of the unfortunate events will continue into the week...

It seems that the internet has taken a vacation of it's own. It left the Slope high, dry, and email-free this weekend and is still on the fritz. Time Warner Cable is "experiencing some outages" currently...and an immense amount of ill will. Stay strong Time Warner patrons and start looking into WiFi!

Not only does Park Slope need to grieve over the loss of the world wide web, but it also needs to watch out for the theft of their computers! A rash of burglaries broke out over the weekend. These plunderers are out for your ipods, computers, and televisions. So, during this holiday season make sure to keep those technological gadgets locked up (and unplugged if leaving town)!

With Thanksgiving out of the way, surely everyone has bloated bellies, overstocked refrigerators, and... plentiful piles of recycling! Our friends over at Fucked in Park Slope noticed the recycling inundation most prominently as The Food Coop struck again, inciting communal exasperation. Since Park Slope's Food Coop recycles certain plastics that the City of New York does not, things got a little out of hand this last Sunday as Slopers dashed to dump their Thanksgiving refuse! There are other times to deposit your No. 1-4 plastics, Go Greeners!

...but we think everyone should stick to their yoga breathing exercises, continue the spirit of Thanksgiving, and keep calm and carry on...