Friday, January 22, 2010

Pushy Pâté Gets a New Location

The Brooklyn Paper has discovered what they deem to be the new Brooklyn front in the Vietnam (sandwich) war. Your favorite Vietnamese sandwich place on Seventh Avenue has closed and so the battle between Hanco's and Henry's has become a bit of a moot point.

However we would like to hear more about Henry Huynh's new joint Home. The cuisine is still Vietnamese but...please, I beg The Brooklyn Paper to tell us more about the pâté! Once you get over the fact that you're basically eating what looks like un-canned dog food, there is nothing more delicious than some baguette and pâté. I shall visit soon to taste the wonders of Huynh's new (perhaps hijacked but improved) sandwiches now on Fifth Avenue.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to the Nabe, Brooklyn Homebrew.

In case you didn't take me seriously when I suggested you start to brew your own beer, you should reconsider this growing trend because Brooklyn Homebrew has officially opened in Gowanus. Danielle Cefaro and Benjamin Stutz now have a real store as opposed to their dining room in a Sunset Park apartment, and more space means more yeast, hops, and malts.

If you're still wary, remember--it's 2010, which means that you can learn to do anything on youtube, including how to brew beer in your 600-square-foot apartment. Your girlfriend may object, but she'll eventually get used to steamy windows and what smells like a Kellogg's factory for a few hours every month. So what's stopping you? Head on over to Brooklyn Homebrew and get your hops on.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If You're Too Lazy To Read Yourself...

(Actual Hipster Reading in Natural Habitat)

Have someone read to you! Vacations are a distant memory and if you're like me, the large pleasure reading list you lovingly compiled for the Winter holidays still remains almost entirely...unread, unopened...perhaps (if you were diligent), leafed-through.

Never fear! There are many Brooklyn-hip readings for all to attend in the next few days:

Tomorrow, January 20 (two thousand and ten...for those of you still having trouble acknowledging the new decade) Katharine Weber will be reading from her new novel True Confections. Hop on down to Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook for you Brooklyners who love a sugary mixture of history with your fiction.

Personally however, I tend toward the rather obscure, poetic, and shameful in its tendency to be made pompous, pretentious, or graduate degree required within months of hitting the shelves. (Perhaps this is why I'm embarrassed to read the beloved, recently burned Jonathan Safran Foer on the L train.) If you're proud in your genuine love of the literary, Tin House magazine will present a line-up of its own authors at The Old Stone House on Thursday, January 21. This Brooklyn Reading Works sponsored event will include poets Matthea Harvey and Brenda Shaughnessy as well as essayist and fiction writer Elissa Schappell.

Now you can knowingly have a tête-à-tête and rave about the newest, New-York-Times-Book-Review-approved, post-grad fodder that's in circulation. Sit back, don't even have to strain your eyes.