Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flashback and... Déjà Vu?

Yesterday, our friends at Gothamist were nice enough to alert the public to a day in history. Forty-nine years ago yesterday two planes struck each other head-on in mid-air and crashed to the ground in Park Slope. The tragedy had so much of an impact that its memory remains vivid for those who witnessed it that day and those who still live in Park Slope. Although Gothamist serves the community well in reminding us of our history, OVERFLOW also covered the event more extensively in our Spring '09 issue. Please visit for more information and a good healthy dose of local history and community love!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Taste of the Rockies

For you poor, uninformed east-coasters, we have this thing called "powder" in Colorado that makes snowboarding akin to flying down a giant swirl of whipped cream if that were physically possible. Here, so I've heard (because why would I ever bother to find out for myself), you have ice.

Lucky for you, you can have the whole mountain experience this weekend without ever having to hit the slopes. Monkey Town is hosting the real ski-lodge experience right here in Brooklyn, so you don't even have to fake a broken leg for an excuse to stay out of the snow. This six-course dinner includes all the game and steamy hot cocktails you would expect to find at a luxury resort in Vail, and even some ski films to make you feel like you're out there doing the real thing. And, to top it all off, you could win ski passes and free lodging at two Vermont lodges! You know, if you're willing to brave those icy slopes.