Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Colorado takes South Brooklyn.

Team Colorado embraced the competition this Wednesday during The Great Gowanus Pilgrimage Pre-Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt, and it's time to give some much-deserved props to the 303 in the 718.

We ravaged each and every bodega on 5th Ave to find plantains and gefilte fish. We searched high and low for Park Slope's Famous Pink House and Maggie Gyllenhaal. We were tea-bagged at the Tea Lounge. We repped Team Colorado on the bathroom walls at the High Dive (left), and serenaded the bartender at Bar Reis. All while trying to navigate South Brooklyn on smart phones after a few too many free shots.

And although we may not have convinced a vest-clad Food Coop employee to come back to the Bell House with us for bonus points, and maybe we didn't make it all the way to Ikea or even Carroll Gardens for that matter, we did have our moment of pride and glory. That's right--for an extra 25 whole points we fished up some of that toxic syphilis sludge we call Gowanus Canal water.

And although we may have received more disgusted and horrified looks than praise and glory, we were proud of our cunning and innovation. In the last ten minutes before the end of the hunt, we threw together pieces of found garbage and created our very own canal water trapping device.

So maybe we didn't win, or even come close, but we braved pollution and disease alike. We explored unknown territory and even learned a few things about South Brooklyn. And most importantly, we had a hell of a good time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[Sh]it's going down! Turkey Style.

Come on over to The Bell House this evening for various "Pre-Thanksgiving" activities. (Alcohol will be a key part of the events, needless to say.) The activities include a happy hour with $1 off all drinks at $4 pints, a scavenger hunt, and an after party.

Teams consist of 2-4 people, and if anything, the free shots provided along the way are extra incentive.

Contact to register your team!


PUT ON YOUR CAPS LOCKS! OVERFLOW's Super Secret Party is a secret no more! Mark your calenders ladies and gentlemen because December 10th is the release of our brilliant Winter issue and we want to treat you all to a little party!

Meet us at the new Gowanus venue Littlefield to have some drinks (the more the better, right?), pickup our new issue, and dance your socks off with our eclectic electric line-up.

Party starts at 8pm and stay on to see our local acts:

and...Bear Hands!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Art of Taxidermy.

The results are in from the Carnivorous Nights Taxidermist Contest, and the deserving winners of this roadkill-cum-furry friend contest have been announced!

Every year the Secret Science Club brings Pet Semetary to life at the Bell House for a night morbid fun. This year, Ryan Matthew took the grand prize for his petrified wrassling kitties.

And how could be forget Takeshi Yamada, 2006 Grand Champion of Taxidermy and this year's recipient of the Most Twisted Prize? Yamada is also the artist behind Coney Island Library's exhibit "Museum of World Wonders: Cabinet of Curiosities," displaying such fascinating and disturbing dead things as a bunny with a tail and a two-headed baby made from Yamada's own skin.

P.S. WATCH THE VIDEO! I guarantee you will find a special place in your heart for this lovable freak, or some-sing like that.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Coffee [Mis]hap

When opening a coffee shop make sure you know who your competition is. Our friends at the New York Times dug up a little tiff between two such cafes in Crown Heights. A battle between the old guard and the new kids on the block is never an easy win to call. Breukelen Coffee House (peddlers of Stumptown coffee) and the Pulp and the Bean escalated their rivalry on the internet.

I find that a multitude of coffee houses never hurt any neighborhood. And feuds never really hurt when trying to get your name out there, negativity breading that buzz that draws everyone in. So, go visit these purveyors of the bean and let us know what you think!